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Market Information:

  • On average, according to sales data, yachts cost around $8.4 million

  • Superyachts 100 meters or more average cost is $275 million

  • 830 Superyacht projects in 2020 (Superyachts over 24 meters = 78.74’) 21 vessels exceeding 100 meters = 328 feet

  • There are thousands of makes and models to choose from

  • On the market, there is around $30 Billion dollars’ worth of inventory

  • Sales fluctuate between $2 and $3 billion annually

  • Sales representing about (number pending new results) Superyachts sold each year globally

  • Around (number pending results) NEW yachts delivered each year

  • The buying process could take 1-4 years, building a new yacht certainly can exceed 18 months

  • 1,806 Global builders

  • Currently, there are more than 10,000 mega yachts in the world

  • Sailing yachts account for 20% of the mega yachts 

Where the Yachts can be found by Country (Top Ten in order by quantity):

  1. United States

  2. Italy

  3. Spain

  4. France

  5. Greece

  6. Bahamas

  7. Monaco

  8. UAE

  9. Australia

  10. Netherlands

Top 10 Superyacht manufacturers by build count (since the founding of the company)

  1. Azimut – Italy

  2. Sunseeker – UK

  3. Sanlorenzo – Italy

  4. Benetti – Italy

  5. Ferretti – Italy

  6. Feadship – Netherlands

  7. Overmarine – Italy

  8. Horizon – Taiwan

  9. Hatteras – United States

  10. Princess – UK

Refit Facilities: Countries and number of facilities:

  1. Italy 38

  2. Unites States 20

  3. France 14

  4. Turkey 12

  5. Spain 10

  6. Germany 6

  7. Australia 6

  8. Greece 5

  9. New Zealand 3

  10. Malta 2

Some of the most expensive yachts in the world:

  1. History Supreme $4.8 Billion, Designer Stuart Hughes (UK)

  2. Eclipse $1.5 Billion, Blohm & Voss, Designer Terence Disdale (Germany)

  3. Streets of Monaco $1.1 Billion, Designer Opulent Yacht 

  4. Azzam $600 Million, Designer Nauta Yacht

  5. Motor Yacht A $440 Million, Blohm & Voss, Designer Philippe Stark

  6. Dubai $400 Million, Blohm & Voss, Designer Platinum Yachts

  7. Al Said $300 Million, Lurssen (Germany) 

  8. Dilbar $256 Million, Lurssen Shipyard (Germany)

  9. Al Mirqab $250 Million, Peters Schiffban Wewelsfleth (Germany)

  10. Lady Moura $210 Million, Blohm & Voss (Germany) 

Definitions and Terms:

  • A Superyacht or Megayacht is a large, luxurious, professionally crewed motor or sailing yacht, ranging from 24 meters (79 ft) to more than 180 meters (590 ft) in length. Note: Superyacht / Megayacht / (Gigayacht = 300 plus feet)

  • Yacht: a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercial purposes. 

  • YBAA (Yacht Builders Association of America)

  • YBAA (Vessel Purchase and Sale Agreement) (“YBAA PSA”)

  • IYBA (International Yacht Broker’s Association Purchase and Sale Agreement for Brokerage Vessel) (“IYBA PSA”) 

  • MOA, Memorandum of Agreement (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association)

  • PYC Compliance (Passenger Yacht Code)

  • MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency)

  • SOLAS (The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) is an international maritime treaty that sets minimum safety standards in the construction, equipment, and operation of merchant ships. The convention requires signatory flag states to ensure that ships flagged by them comply with at least these standards.)

  • ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council)

  • WRF (Water Revolution Foundation) formed by Feadship and Lurssen, a science-driven approach to yacht building. Based around neutralizing the ecological footprint.

  • “Not For Sale In US Waters To A US Resident” The language “Not For Sale In US Waters To A US Resident” must legally be added to listings for non-US Registered boats that are in US Waters under a cruising permit and placed for sale by the owner. As the current owner of the boat has not paid the US Import Duty on the boat, a sale cannot legally occur on the boat to a US Resident while she is in US Waters, and a broker cannot legally advertise the boat without making prominently clear that the boat is “Not For Sale In US Waters To A US Resident”.

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