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Having an industry expert on your team!

How valuable is your time? An Advisor can streamline the buying process for you in addition to doing the preliminary work in all phases. How are you expected to make educated decisions when all the information you are receiving from normal outlets, shows, and associations is funded by the industry? When starting your yacht search or building yacht research are you familiar with the current viable builders/brands and or shipyards? Do you have decades of industry experience? In most businesses, people pay for the expertise of that business, and the value it brings, an Advisor is no different. There are so many steps in the process and our services are focused on providing you with non-biased solutions based on your needs.

Decades of industry experience will:

  • Find the perfect yacht for you

  • Save you valuable time

  • Navigate the buying process for you

  • Make sure you are getting accurate and current listings

  • Expose you to all brands and listings appropriate for you

  • Filter out biased information

  • Provide you with the status and industry standing of brands/builders, shipyards, and brokers (viability and the effects of mergers and partnerships)

  • Track raw materials, equipment, construction, supply chain if building a yacht

  • Verify the yacht and its equipment are performing properly

  • Trace warranties and recalls for the yacht or components

  • Address and review what is needed during the sea trial

  • Recommend and work with the marine surveyor and review their report

  • Recommend marine attorneys and liaisons when needed

  • Make sure all costs are being allocated properly during the buying process (transportation, sea trial, haul outs, and survey)

  • Track vessel history – pending fees – pending charters -etc. 

  • Outline registration responsibilities

  • Arrange transportation if needed

  • Mooring or docking arrangements

  • Recommend management company

Below is an industry flow chart outlining industry structure and facets that are stacked against the buyer. If you feel you are all alone…a Luxury Yacht Advisor can help!

flow chart a.JPG
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